Confined Space Scaffolding Services

Working in and around confined space and hazardous areas

CS1 operatives


Esher Scaffolding’s workforce are trained and qualified to enter Confined Spaces and Hazardous Areas


CS2 operatives


We currently have trained & qualified CS2 personnel that operate as a 3-man rescue team. Whether its to safeguard Esher Scaffolding’s CS1 operatives and/or a client’s operatives entering a confined space or hazardous area.


  • Check risk assessments; produce a safe system of work and a rescue plan.


  • Carry out an inspection of the confined space immediately before any work starts


  • Check the suitability of all tools and equipment to be used in the space


  • Ensure all persons entering the space are trained and qualified to do so


  • Monitor and assist with the access/egress of all persons entering/leaving the space


  • Constantly monitor the atmospheric conditions and advise on additional requirements


  • Carry out a rescue, in accordance with the rescue plan, should the need arise


  • An in-depth understanding of the requirements of the law & associated legislation


  • Our operatives use the appropriate Confined Space Equipment and practical assessments covering access, egress and safe working practices in Confined Spaces and Hazardous areas.
Esher Scaffolding Confined Space Scaffolding Services
Confined Space Scaffolding with Esher Scaffolding

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